Promedia S.r.l. is an engineering company formed, from his foundation, by professionals registered in their respective professional rolls.

Promedia S.r.l. has operational offices in Rome, Via Cassia n.1170 / 1172 and in Mosciano Sant’Angelo, Avenue Europe.

Promedia S.r.l. operates mainly in the areas of civil, industrial, health, environmental, hydraulic, and transport engineering and has done over the years contracts nationwide.
Promedia S.r.l. is able to assist the whole construction process, from the feasibility study to field investigations, executive and construction plans using an internal control system complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001. For the performance of its specialized studies it uses skills and experience of its operating structure consisting of engineers, architects and technicians that are particularly specialized in the research and application of the most advanced techniques of analysis and design, as well as it use expert consultants in specific policy areas.