Preliminary design, final design, detailed design, construction supervision, accounting and measures for Nursery School Accommodation of Casale
Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)

Assignment covers the design for the accommodation of the Nursery School of Casale.
Project provides the construction of a building which is divided into a rectangular body and a circular one.
The building has been positioned in the central zone of the batch so as to constitute a hinge between the two spatial and functional resulting green areas.
Latter areas will be characterized by diversified equipment in relation both to the different exposure, both the functional vocation which they take in relation to the parts of the building to which they are addressed directly.
The main axis of the building is oriented towards the SE, the gross area covered is equal to 268 square meters.
Atrium entrance allows access to the local administration, to the toilet and to the room for free activities, with its cylindrical geometry, characterizes the entrance of the building.
Kitchen, pantry, changing rooms, toilets were located in the north of the building and, through a space filter, communicate with the main activities classroom, whose shape and width allow a great flexibility of use.
Roof consists of two structures with pent roof, one of them has an octagonal plant.
Geometry of roof is such as to ensure porches spaces for each side of the building. The porches are both an indoor relationship space with green areas that shelters from direct sunlight on the walls of the building during the summer.