Provincia di Teramo – A.T.E.R.

Preliminary design for the arrangement and modernization of roads SP 68/48/49 between Villa Ripa di Teramo and Acquasanta Terme di Ascoli


Design choices have been developed in order to privilege the individual user rather than the means of locomotion: intent is that the path guide the driver inside the park.
Object of design was also to redevelop the section of the SP 68, starting from the intersection with the former SS 80, to identify itself as a penetration rod for the area of the Monti della Laga Gran Sasso-Laga Park.

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The project will look at various aspects of intervention:

  1. secure and adjust the layout of the roads;
  2. “environment” re-qualification of the track with intervention techniques aimed at making the least impact artwork and specifically road containment;
  3. use the existing road network as an opportunity to use non-marginal “park system” to imporve a developmentoriented eco-tourism;

Interventions of type a) are mainly due to geological and geotechnical insecurity, to the lack of protection of the roadway, to the adjustment of the path, taking into account the typical mountain roads morphology.

Interventions of type b) are due to the need to retrain the works of art to make them more adequate to the environmental context.

Interventions of type c) finally, are designed to characterize the road as the primary component of a dynamic system of integrated relationships creating opportunities for fruitions related to the sphere of perception, psychosensory individual and collective users.