A.T.I.: GIA.FI. COSTRUZIONI S.P.A. – Via Alessandro Torlonia n. 15 Roma – Capo- gruppo Mandataria; TRIVEL-SUD S.R.L. – Via Adige n. 20 Frosinone (FR) – Mandante

Executive planning – security coordination during design phase of renovation and expansion of Roma 3 University Engineering Faculty and Departments.


Object of the project “Renovation and expansion of Engineering Faculty and departments”
The building has a rectangular plan with a size clearly Prevail on the other (317meters long by 18meters wide) and is characterized by a constant cross-section which extends in an east-west direction.

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The impressive size of area has always been an element able to characterize the urban development of the site over the years.
The design was carried out in compliance with guiding criteria adopted in the final design as follows:

  1. facilities recovery
  2. rationalization of spaces allocated for each department in order to allow the development of activities in a systematic and interdisciplinary way;
  3. study area flexibility;
  4. analysis of evacuation plans adopted in fire safety system in compliance with standards set for users and operators;
  5. removal of architectural barriers thanks adoption of a design that provides components that can be used by people with disabilities
  6. indoor comfort, microclimate parameters control, pollutants detecting, achieve better use and accessibility by users;
  7. management of scheduled maintenance, maintaining of efficiency and dynamism of activity over time, optimal energy management of all the technological structure, adjustment of structure with the provisions of recent legislation on energy saving.