Riparazione e Ripristino Funzionale – Edificio 10 – L’Aquila

Design and construction of repair and functional restoration of Edificio 10 of the San Salvatore Hospital as a result of the earthquake of 6 April 2009
and subsequent.

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Operation in question refers to the repair and functional restoration of Edificio 10 of San Salvatore Hospital in Coppito. Project within hospital complex provides repair and functional restoration of building identified as “10” on the plan. Building in question is spread over 3 levels above ground and one basement level, more coverage plan.
Building is designed to: ground floor hospital pharmacy, pathology, morgue, laboratories; first floor operating theatre; second floor offices. In addition to the types of intervention identified with the final design, based on their findings, were necessary implementations in therms of quality of works and a review of the decision to consolidate the exterior buck facing curtain. In addition to follow the actions for consolidating the structures are necessary works to divert the plan networks. The structural repairs with the final planning include:

Ongoing adjustement to current safety standards identified by executive project concern:

Executive project includes improvement proposal offered in the tender.