Executive planning and execution of a building for offices with adjoining an helipad on the roof at Sant’Anna Hospital located in San Fermo della

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Aim of the project is the realization of a building for offices for about 200 employees and administrative tasks and offices to management activities, with adjoining an helipad on the roof.
The building, of a regular shape almost square in plan, is based on the existing plate, that serves as a base throughout the hospital complex, and is divided into five levels. The functional organization consisted of a core serving that ensures the distribution both orizontally and vertically and which receives plan and skylights technological; around this core there is a corolla space served by optimizing relationships with retail spaces.
Idea of getting a close connection with the context, in preliminary design through solutions such as a stylized tree on the walls, which gives a feeling of continuity with surrounding natural environment, in final design was enhanced by transferring naturalistic references on other building component video.
The main staircase with plant leaf grows vertically from the ground floor to the fourth floor with its calendered metal structure that is configured as an internal shaft. Ceilings in common areas on different floors became the branches that extended from the body scale inward as technical support but also figurative of terminal technology networks. Solid doors of rooms there is a representative decoration depicting stylized trees with a similar style to
the silk screen on the external façade.