I.S.M.A. Istituti Di Santa Maria In Aquiro

Preliminary design for necessary and urgent interventions aimed at the preservation and conservation of the building called “Palazzo Silvestri Rivaldi”


Public Institution of Service and Charities ISMA (S. Maria in Aquiro Institutes) currently manages the ownership of the property called “Palazzo Silvestri Rivaldi.” Villa Silvestri Rivaldi complex is allocated between Via dei Fori Imperiali, Via del Tempio della Pace and Via del Colosseo. Before demolition of the years 1931 – 1932 the complex had an extensive garden that stretched up to the Basilica of Massenzio and the Colosseum.

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building was built in the first half of 1500. Silvestri Rivaldi complex occupies an extension of approx. 7379.15 sqm referred approx. 1515.50 sqm built. The main building is divided into several levels as a result of a complex system of extensions, some of which are real accretions. Detached in the north-east end of the district, a building block of modest size covers a surface area of approx. 254.90 sqm, which is usually called “villino”, also there is
an annex to the cottage with a floor above ground whose extension is approx. 169.60 sqm. Awaiting to define the delicate issue of reuse of the building and therefore the finding of substantial funding needed, thanks to resolution no. 13/01/2005 6 of the ISMA it was decided to entrust the engineering company Promedia Srl, the task of monitoring the structural conditions and maintenance one of the architectural complex of Villa Silvestri
Rivaldi aimed at the identification of urgent and needed intervention:

Therefore, the present study is limited to the degradation building analysis with particular regard to the structural one. It excludes the portion of the district which insists on a small building with its outbuildings and garden which for many years has been leased for residential purposes to individuals and so is not currently available.
According to limited funding available at this early stage, it was necessary to make choices aimed at removing some of the most serious problems among those present. This project includes the following works:
  1. removal of residual materials with recovery of reusable one for reuse them into areas already affected by collapses of structures in the outdoor areas;
  2. restoration of the entrance gate to the garden in via del Colosseo;
  3. restoration of a wooden door with hardware recovery of the existing one, which at present is in an advanced state of decay and cannot be used;
  4. restoration of function of the external staircase to the garden with replacement of uneven steps;
  5. works to ensure safety of the places with a revision of fences and railings, insertion of new temporary protections and an emergency exit towards Via Antonio Cederna.