MINISTERO DELLE INFRASTRUTTURE Provveditorato Interregionale alle Opere Pubbliche per il Lazio, l’Abruzzo e la Sardegna

Advice to the final and detailed design for the construction of a new educational and departmental building of FF. NN. Sciences. Faculty of L’Aquila University.


The new structure will rise at north-west of the alive complex adjacent to building of “Azienda al diritto allo studio Università della Regione Abruzzo” in L’Aquila town. Location is open on three sides and is predominantly directed towards the south-west with an average gradient of 3%.

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The main entrance is located on the ground floor on the east side facing the existing building.
Internal spaces are organized on three main levels connected by a staircase and an elevator located in a central position. It’s also provided a basement level which is partially used as utility rooms accessible both as internally by stairs and elevator and as externally by a ramp with enough slope and wide to allow access to vehicles of service maintenance. The remaining part of the basement will be used in the future to locate other local at
department service.
Standards identification follows guidelines of preliminary draft as well as the sector regulations that for this building is school construction regulations.
The approach taken for materials choice has been to make recognizable intervention but at the same time has been to make similar to the existing buildings. New building will be joined to the existing building with the main entrance facing the direction of the walkway, new building will have a total net usable floor area of 3,136.35 square meters.