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Design competition “Nuovo comando della Guardia di Finanza di Catanzaro – Località Giulivetto”


Project proposal is part of a wider multi-annual program of works to modernize and to the strengthening of the operational infrastructure and housing one for Guardia di Finanza (see Art. 29 c.1 of Law 28/99) and pertains to the works of construction of a building complex to be carried out in Catanzaro, where allocate Department Corps located in the same area.


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The intervention program involves the construction of structures to accommodate the following departments:

The project area is located within city of Catanzaro, in the area called “Giulivetto” currently used for agriculture.
This area, according to request of the Guardia di Finanza, was sold by the city of Catanzaro to Demanio dello Stato by public deed in order to subsequent grant Guardia di Finanza for the execution of the works covered by this document.
The intervention on the “Nuovo Comando Regionale della Guardia di Finanza di Catanzaro” pertains to the creation of a complex in which allocate all Departments Corps currently located in several buildings in the City of Catanzaro and the municipality of Sellia Marina.
The design must provide the construction of several buildings, functionally autonomous, convertible and that can be expanded at a later time (if necessary), connected by both systems pedestrian routes (covered) and vehicular traffic, as well as the