Executive planning – security coordination during design phase for completion of the work on the district within military airport of Practica di Mare –
Pomezia (RM)

Project includes the construction of several buildings with different uses, the realization of related urbanization and landscape architecture, as well as the renovation of the building currently used as a canteen.

Intervention is the 2nd functiona batch of a building program began in August 2000 with the design of the new Naval Air Command, of the Guardia di Finanza Operational Command, of the new Hangar for Fixed-Wing Aircraft ART 42-400, and the new Housing Building that form, together with the parking lot, the expansion of existing taxiway, and the two system buildings, the initial phase of the overall program.

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Current project provides the construction of the following buildings, including the relevant external work:

All buildings are designed by pursuing an overall design based one hand on a strong formal characterization of the different artifacts, and the other on finding an equally strong morphological continuity with what was planned in the 1st functional batch currently in progress.