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Executive planning and coordination for the safety of the work to complete the goods sorting center of Marsica site in Avezzano (AQ)


Center creation was planned in stages:
The first stage (completed) allowed us to develop the first functional batch which is project state of affairs.
The second stage, is implemented as an excerpt of the overall project.

  • prim1

  • prim2

This project included two sources of funding APQ and DocUP latter consists of two different contributions of the public and private sectors.
According to D.G.R. n ° 1296 of 12/07/05 it was decided in partial modification of the previous Resolution No. 978/05, limited to the following aspects:

  1. elimination of the private contribution for implementation of the 2000-2006 DocUP batch of goods sorting center of Marsica, previously provided for in the financial plan of the measure 1.1
  2. unification of the tender procedures pertaining to the two separate funding (DocUP and APQ7), in a sole public works contract for the implementation of the intervention.

Therefore this completion project complies with the above, unifying procedures of two loans and eliminating the expected contributions.

The detailed list of the first phase completed work of the project includes works of ordinary maintenance and scmal adjustments necessary because of temporary not used linked to administrative procedures necessary for preparation and approval of project completion.