Final design, detailed design, construction supervision and safety coordination during design and implementation of land reclamation and accomodation of landslides in Rocca Capo d’Atri


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Intervention is about land reclamation and accomodation of landslides in Rocca Capo d’Atri, in the municipality of Atri (TE). Instability consists in removal of material due to atmospheric events. The phenomenon affects the entire West-North-West side of the hill on which stands the town, with extremely serious situations in Rocca Capo d’Atri; in this place is compromised stability of buildings, part used for residential and part used for craft
activities, there is also a monument of 1500 called Rocca Capo d’Atri. Intervention designed combines the regulation of water to the surface stabilization of the slope; this in order to avoid erosion of the slope that leads to the deterioration and the removal of material with the consequent undermining of the foundations of the buildings.
Project will have a longitudinal extension of about 70 m, in accordance with the approved funding and the final design. The stretch from consolidating is about 23 m. Regulation of surface water will get through the collection of the same on the edge of the slope and conveying downstream in a pipeline. The surface stabilization of the slope will be achieved through the use of a combined system of active stabilization of the slope