Ministero della Difesa – Genio Dife – Ufficio Autonomo Gestione Lavori G.M. (M.D.)

Final and execution design, Safety Coordination L.494/96 during design phase, adaptation to fire regulations, recovery and regulatory compliance work of Castro Pretorio unified canteen – Rome

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Kitchen and unified canteen insist, within the complex of Caserma Macao of Castro Pretorio in Rome, between the buildings 55-56.
In particular, the troops lunchroom is located on the ground floor of building 55, the officers’ lounge on the ground floor of the building 56 together with the most part of the premises used as warehouses and stores, while the kitchen is housed in a metallic constructions with composed Polonceau type trusses, designed to cover part of the courtyard which was originally surrounded by buildings 55 and 56.

The project provides a new functional distribution of different operation areas, as follows:

  1. Foodstuff arrival – pantry (sqm.210)
  2. Preparations area (sqm.104)
  3. Cooking area (sqm.163.40)
  4. Meals distribution area (sqm.165)
  5. Dishes washing areas (and sqm.58 sqm.64)
  6. Packaging (65 sqm)
  7. Dressing and personal services (sqm.36.55)
  8. Officers’ lounge(194.15 sqm)
  9. Troop lunchroom (sqm.347)
  10. Users toilet (65 sqm, 70)
  11. Offices and control (sqm.57.90)